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Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation by Addis Electric

Exhaust Fans - Quiet Operation & Safe Wiring - Bath & Kitchen

The best ventilation for a kitchen or bathroom includes an in-line exhaust fan that vents outdoors. It pulls air out through ducting and exhausts either in the roof, or directly outdoors. The in-line fan is normally very quiet, efficient, and reliable.

In contrast, non-venting fans simply filter and recirculate the air around the kitchen or bathroom. They provide a noisy buzzing sound telling you the fan is on. After a while, most homeowners abandon using them as they're not very effective.

In-line exhaust fans are not a normal "do it yourself" homeowner installation. Main items for installation includes: hood, back-draft damper, ducts, duct attenuator, fan, and the termination device.

For a professional look and installation, contact Addis Electric. We've been installing exhaust fans in the Main Line area since 1946.

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