Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation by Addis Electric

Ceiling fans can significantly reduce air and heating costs

These are not simple installations as mechanically the support has to be strong to carry the weight and thrust from fan blades and motor. Electrically, a quality installation normally requires hidden wires and connection to a remote control.

Older fans sometimes make an incredible amount of noise. Addis Electric can remove the assembly to determine the cause and eliminate the problem. We repair older units or replace them with newer models.

Beyond a ceiling fan, we will examine your attic and see if there is a good fit for an exhaust fan. Attic exhaust fans can lower the trapped heat in a home. This will reduce the amount of work an air conditioning system needs to perform, significantly lowering your electric bills. The combination of ceiling and attic fans normally pay for their costs within a year by savings in electric bills.

With over 65 years of regional experience in Philadelphia's Main Line, we will provide a personal touch to insure you are completely satisfied with both our work and your electrical products.

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