EV Charging Stations

Auto Car Charging Station by Addis Electric

electrical vehicle Charging stations - at home or work - that are easy and safe

Having an EV Charging Station at home or work ensures your vehicles are always ready to go. You'll save money by avoiding public charging areas.

Addis Electric will turn your garage or parking area into a personal "filling" station while you relax or work. We'll select the best designed "charging station" that meets your requirements. We'll connect the unit with heavy duty power lines from the circuit breaker to insure a safe and smooth "filling".

As certified electricians we'll perform all the required diagnostics to insure the setup is wired properly and functioning without any issues. We'll also facilitate receiving electrical permit requirements. And we'll always be there to assist you with any issues or concerns

Working the Main Line area since 1946. We provide a personal touch to insure you are completely satisfied with both our work and your charging station.

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