Attic Fan Installation

Attic Fan Installation by Addis Electric

Reduce Air Conditioning Costs with a Cooler Attic

Been up to the attic in June, July, or August? Without an exhaust fan the temperature can be 15 to 30 degrees higher than outside.

Think of the hot attic conditions:

• Outside temperature exceeds 90 degrees

• Attic temperature is 15 to 20 degrees higher - 105 to 110 degrees.

• In the evening, the heat remains trapped in the attic - temperature probably over 100 degrees.

The impact:

Hot attics place more work on air conditioning systems.

Trapped attic heat places a strain on roofing materials – shortening their life.

A good attic fan will drop the temperature to the outside temperature:

• In the middle of a hot summer afternoon, this will lower the attic’s heat by 10 to 15 degrees.

• In the evening, when you’re trying to go to sleep, and the outside air is cooler, the attic’s temperature will decrease much further - as much as 40 degrees lower.

Installing a quiet, smoothly running, exhaust fan makes financial sense.

How fast is the payback? That depends upon the attic’s insulation. If your insulation is new and great, it may take several years to justify. But if your insulation is 20 plus years old, or not well done, the savings will pay for the cost within 1 to 2 years. (This is what we call a “no-brainer”.)

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