Knob & Tube Re-Wiring & Upgrade

working with knob and tube wiring

Updating Old Wiring Including Knob and Tube

Knob & Tube

Homes constructed from 1880s to 1940s had knob and tube wiring. Ceramic insulating knobs are placed inside holes that have been drilled into the joists. The electrical wires pass through the ceramic knobs.

Knob and Tube wiring is not inherently unsafe. The skill required to assemble this type of wiring insured it was built to last. However nowadays home buyers may have trouble getting home insurance without replacing the knob and tube wiring.

  • The main issue for Knob and Tube wiring: insulation can not touch the wires. Heat from the wires can not dissipate if insulation is touching.

  • A secondary issue: there is no third wire for a grounded outlet

  • When unlicensed professionals make changes to Knob and Tube, the wire may not be spliced correctly or unsafe modifications have been created.

Knob and Tube wiring are no longer used in homes because it does not carry the same capacity that modern homes require. (Knob and Tube has a 60 amp load capacity.)

Call Addis Electric when wishing to replace or enhance the Knob and Tube wiring. Our company has been working in the Main Line area for several generations - and is fully aware how to upgrade or replace the original wiring.

Older Homes - Businesses

Even if your home does not have Knob and Tube wiring, it may not be properly grounded for use near water - kitchen, bath, or outdoor electrical outlets. There may not be sufficient power coming into the building/home.

There may be other issues: For example power could be dimming, or part of the house has not power. Older wire was wrapped in cloth – nowadays it's insulated with a rubber coating. Older cloth can unravel, exposing lead wires.

Our experienced electricians know how to upgrade your wiring and make you home or business safe for family or customers.

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