Wiring Kitchen & Bathroom Outlet

GFCI outlets installed in Bathrooms and Kitches

Safe Wiring of Kitchen & Bath - Using GFCI Outlets

Whenever water is present, in kitchen, bathrooms, or outdoor outlets, a GFCI electrical outlet should be installed. GFCI means Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This type of outlet has a built in circuit breaker which is designed to protect you from electrical shock. Consider it a localized circuit breaker which quickly senses when there is a problem.

In the kitchen and bathrooms, modern building codes requires that a GFCI outlet be installed, normally as the first in a chain. This does not mean every outlet must be GFCI - only the first one needs to be.

Safety precautions must be taken before a GFCI outlet is installed. For example power must be turned off on the circuit where the GFCI is being attached. This isn't a guidance issue - it's a requirement. Our recommendation: when life can seriously be impacted, call Addis Electric for a skilled licensed electrician to install GFCI outlets. The dollars that are saved by installing this type of outlet on your own may be lost if someone is seriously injured.

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