Repair by Licensed Electricians

Circuit Breaker Keeps Turning Off

Do not mess around trying to fix the situation. It can be an electrical ground problem. Call Addis Electric for help.

Sparks Coming from Switches or Electrical Outlets

This is time for a Licensed Electrician. Find the line’s circuit breaker, or fuse, and turn it off.

Frayed or Exposed Wire or Junction Boxes

Avoid contact. This is dangerous and should be replaced by a licensed electrician.

No Power to the House or in any Rooms

Check with neighbors and confirm it is only your place. The main circuit breaker rarely trips. This maybe serious: call us for help.

No Power in Bathroom Outlet

Reset the button on a GFCI outlet. Check the breaker to see if it was tripped. If yes, reset. If power remains off, call Addis Electric as power lines in the bathroom without ground can be dangerous.

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All of us are guilty of trying to “do it ourselves”. In many cases it’s effective and saves money.

Be Cautious: Shut off the circuit breaker providing power to the area you are working on.

Be realistic: When in doubt on any electric issue, always take the side of caution. Call Addis Electric when it gets beyond your comfort level. We’ll set everything correctly and explain what we’re doing.

With over 65 years regional experience, we maintain a personal touch keeping our clients’ power on.

We have been here, and will be there for you.

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