Electrical Repair

Knob & Tube
Knob & Tube are individually wrapped  wires. They are safe to hold, but must remain in its original state.  New wire can not be feeding into Knob & Tube. Do not attempt to remove Knob & Tube on your own. Call Addis Electric as they are complicated. We’ve been working with and upgrading Knob & Tube wiring for over a generation.

Power dims or Part of House without Power
The service wire is located above the metered socket. Older service cable was wrapped in cloth – nowadays in a rubber coating. Cloth can unravel, exposing lead wires. This can be either a simple repair (cutting and reattaching the lead wire), or we may need to replace the cable. Either way do not try this on your on. Call us for help.

Lawn Lights – Post Light or Path Lights No Longer Working
Check light bulbs on your own. If not the bulbs, call as this could be a bad switch, broken underground wire, bad connection, or a low voltage transformer not functioning properly.

Light Fixture no longer operates
Check the bulb. If the bulb is good, but the fixture does not light it could be a bad switch, the bulb’s socket is busted, or the wires are burnt. After you check the bulb, and the switch, if there is still a problem, call for help.

Ceiling and Exhaust Fans
If the unit works but makes an incredible amount of noise, we can remove the components, clean them, and reassemble. If the motor is seized, we can replace the motor, or the entire assembly. Fans are an essential part of modern technology to reduce air conditioning and heating costs. Keeping them in good running order is important. Addis Electric’s team can help you repair or replace an older installation, as well as install new fans.

With over 65 years regional experience, we maintain a personal touch keeping our clients’ power on.  We have been here, and will be there for you.

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